Custom Arduino Design and Development

At Black Bat Software, we are constantly explanding our knowledge and expertise. Below are some of the fun projects that we have done, simply for learning.

The projects are all posted on Instructables.Com for you to review by following the link.
  • Creating an LED 8x8 Matrix

    This simple tutorial shows how to quickly create an 8x8 LED Matrix using a wooden jig.

  • Displaying messages on your 8x8 LED Matrix

    Now that you have the Matrix created...this will walk you through how to create the circuits and program the Arduino to power the signboard using a Remote Control.

  • Using a Photo-Resistor to determine if you have mail

    This was just a fun little project that does not involve an Arduino. It simply allows you to install a photo-resistor in your mailbox. When the mail comes, an LED on the back of your box will light up until you get your mail and reset the LED.