Independant Consulting Services

It's a simple fact that not every client needs to have applications or databases created for their company. Many times our clients are just looking for advice on how they should best proceed on their own. We fully support educating our clients and supporting them on all of their projects.

When we leave a projects, we want you to have all of the knowledge you need to move forward, without having to continually call us for assistance. We do not believe in that form of "nickel and diming" a customer.

Process and Project Management

  • Sofware Development Life Cycle Management
  • Project Management
  • Code Management and Deployment
  • Business Analysis
  • Technical Documentation


  • Establishing company standards
  • Evaluating business needs and requirements
  • Evaluting and making 3rd party recommendations
  • Installation and support (custom and 3rd party)
  • Database Architecting / Modeling
  • Database System Recommendations


  • Server specifications and configurations
  • Workstation specifications and configurations
  • Network design
  • Network security
  • Monitoring