Database Administration

Whether you are creating a new database or already have servers up and running, it is key to any business that the servers are configured correctly and well maintained.
  • Design and implement Database Backup Strategies
  • Maintain Account Security
  • Implement Performance and Health Monitoring tools
  • Configure SQL Server settings
  • Configure Windows settings
  • Create documentation of all objects
  • Troubleshoot performance issues
  • System Monitoring (SQL Monitor, SQL Sentry)
Database Administration

Database Optimization

Even the best designed databases will eventually start to have performance issues. These can be caused by bad indexes, old hardware, or bad code. Throwing indexes at the problem is not the solution, but we can help!
  • Review tables and index designs
  • Profile the system to determine bottlenecks
  • Review SQL Server Settings
  • Examine hardware and drive/file layouts
  • Examine slow queries for performance improvements
  • Query Monitoring (Solarwinds (formerly Confio) and SQL Sentry)
Database Optimization

Database Architecting and Development

Having a well designed database will help improve performance, maintain data consistency, and make your applications easier to scale and grow.
  • Review existing or design new database models
  • Writing stored procedures to implement functionality
  • Automating the importing and exporting of data
  • Upgrading SQL Server to newer versions
  • Creation/maintenance of Integration Service packages
Database Administration

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence provides you with the tools to access and view your data to make sound business decisions. Implementation of BI is not a standard solution that will work across all businesses, but customized to meet your needs.
  • Understand your business and design a solution for YOU
  • Design the data warehouse (Kimball, Inmon, or mixed models)
  • Design and implement the data transfer to the data warehouse
  • Create or convert reports
  • Create analytical cubes
  • Recommend, install and configure analytic software
Business Intelligence